How do I motivate myself?


To me it is clear that especially with the current technological advances, our population has become lazy and unmotivated. We have lost the will to become productive and have fallen into a pit of procrastination. How can we rescue ourselves?

Step One: Ask yourself uplifting questions

When your sleeping is disrupted by the ungraceful chiming of your alarm clock, arise with optimism by asking yourself questions that will contribute constructively to your agenda for the day ahead of you. For example, won’t  the question “what can I do to make myself happy?” encourage us all to de-clutter our bedrooms and eat healthily? Without a positive attitude, tasks will become a bore and will take a lot longer to complete.

Step Two: Begin with the toughest task

What are you dreading the most today? If you manufacture a list of your desired achievements for the day, do the washing up first! If you prioritise this task then you won’t have to think about it after its completion and will feel increasingly elated about completing the rest of your tasks as the knowledge of the first hurdle being overcome lifts a metaphorical weight lifted from your shoulders. There is no point in leaving the worst until last, you’ll make excuses to never get round to it. Also, the confidence boost from your success will give you the self assurance that you can satisfyingly cross out everything else on your daily to-do list.

Step Three: Don’t fear any failure

If you allow yourself to fail a task, there is absolutely no need to punish yourself or become weighted down by the experience. Instead, it should motivate you to perform better and stronger at any next opportunity. If at first you always succeeded, you would never learn or grown; this means that you would end up depriving yourself of the opportunity to develop as a person and progress in life.

Step Four: Enjoy all that you do

Whilst the majority or tasks, chores or challenges will appear daunting or just simply boring, it’s wise to find yourself a form of entertainment. It’s much less painful and draining to complete something whilst you don’t hate having to do it. Whether it’s just colour coding your lists or singing to your garden weeds, remember that most aspects of life can be enjoyed and being bored is never necessary.

Step Five: Step out of your comfort zone

Through challenging yourself you will be permitting your life skills to develop and adapt to a variety of different situations. By trying new things, experimenting and changing your routine you will be able to discover talents and competencies that you never nee you had. This will give you the confidence to pus the boundaries of all that you are used to.

Thank you for reading!

Let me know what you do to motivate yourself…


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