Things I love about summer


Although I’d say I’m definitely more of a winter person, there are so many things that I love about the summer months. These are just some of the things that I enjoy doing around that time.


Every summer I stay with my grandparents for a short while and we explore as much as we can while I’m there. I took this picture in Brighton from the pier last summer; it was particularly hot and there was so much to discover. This especially allows me to forget about the stresses of work and exams and to act like a tourist.

20140721-062806 pm-66486000.jpg

Eating out

This summer I’m looking forward to trying out different restaurants and cafés with my boyfriend – I’m growing bored of the new Costa in our town! I’d also like to make my own picnic. Near where we live there’s a lake with a wood and a tiny café. Proper English.

20140721-063154 pm-66714036.jpg
Our feast of cake and tea

Soaking up the sun

I’m a massive fan of laying about in the sun whether it’s on my own in my garden with a book or with the ones I love down on a beach. I love topping up my tan and finding a reason to wear a pretty summer dress.

20140721-063610 pm-66970879.jpg

Swimming in the sea
Most things in life are nowhere near as refreshing as jumping into the cold waves after baking under the sun’s rays. In Cornwall, there are so many clean beaches where the sea can be enjoyed by all. I love swimming with my family or merely floating on my back across the water.20140721-064020 pm-67220376.jpg

Fresh fruit

During the summer months I prefer to snack on cold, fresh fruit as it’s the most refreshing choice for me. This is a picture of the strawberries that me and my family are growing in are garden. Fruit allows you to snack and be healthy at the same time without feeling too awful that you’re too relaxed to decide to exercise. My favourite thing to drink in the summer is a fruit smoothie. Mmmmm.

20140721-064252 pm-67372443.jpg

Cute accessories

One of my favourite things about summer is the possibility of wearing a dress every single day. As this outfit is quite a simple choice, I like to accessorise with statement pieces such as my jelly sandles or Cath Kidston book bag. These in particular are both easy to wear and are so versatile! Putting together an outfit quickly and effortlessly allows me to spend less time getting ready and more time on the beach.

20140721-064613 pm-67573653.jpg


Thank you for reading!

Let me know the things that you love the most about summer…


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