Haul: Yankee Candle

Today I purchased my first ever Yankee Candles as I recently discovered that they can be bought at Clinton Cards. This is the only place I know where I can buy them where I live in Cornwall, England. I’m a lover of candles and have wanted to try some from Yankee Candle for the longest time. I’ve yet to burn them but as soon as I sniffed them I fell in love. These are the three that I bought; I think that the smallest two are “sample” size and the bigger one is a size “medium”. Also, they were half price! What could be better?

If you have any recommendations for other Yankee Candle scents that I should invest in then I would really appreciate it! Also, has anyone tried any of the ones I bought? Let me know your thoughts…

I’m now a full blown Yankee fiend…

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