Review: Rimmel BB Cream

Hello again,

After hearing a tonne of praise regarding BB creams I decided to buy one to test out how they worked for me. The one I chose is the Rimmel London “matte” BB Cream. It was inexpensive so I wasn’t worried about it being an unsuccessful product for my skin as it wouldn’t have been a substantial loss to me. It cost me Ā£4 in an ASOS beauty sale. What a bargain.

To start with, the “SPF 15” attribute caught my eye as I knew it would be a product to use throughout the summer. This meant that I could still gain good coverage whilst protecting my skin from burning.

This product is absolutely wonderful! I have been using it instead of my usual foundation routine. I only need to apply a minimal amount to gain a full coverage without looking caking and overloading my face with products. It isn’t pleasant to wear endless amounts of products on my skin as it makes me feel hot and flustered. When I wear it I feel like my face is being moisturised and my skin has definitely improved. Without this product I would have had such dry skin; I’m so thankful that I invested in it. On top of this, I do not need to apply more throughout the day. I know that as soon I apply the product in the morning, I don’t have to worry about it until taking it off before bed.

The only negative side to this product is the runny consistency. I find that the cream leaks all over the lid and can become a mess easily.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone; I feel like this bargain has saved me from splashing out unnecessarily on a high-end BB Cream. I will definitely repurchase.

Thanks for reading!

I’d love to hear your makeup recommendations…



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