Review: Maybelline Great Big Lash Mascara


Hello agian,

Back in September I entered a Maybelline competition where all the entrants had to do was tweet with the hashtag #greatbiglash and Maybelline would pick a select few winners from those who tweeted each day that they ran the competition.

I’ve purchased the smaller size of the product before and it used to be one of my most used everyday mascaras.

I’m unsure as to whether or not Rimmel have drastically altered the product since I last used it but when I was sent my mascara from the competition I was shocked to be disappointed from the first coat I applied. This time, I find that my lashes gain little length or volume, I’ve yet to find something special or loveable about it. I ha to apply a lot of coats just to get to a point where I was only barely happy with the appearance of my lashes. On a brighter note, I have noticed that the mascara leaves behind no lumps and doesn’t make my eyelashes look like spider legs, which is usually the trouble with lengthening mascaras.IMG_8772.JPG

Even though I will not be using this product as an everyday mascara, I will try my best to make the most of it; it isn’t as if I’ve wasted any money on it so I haven’t lost anything from trying it.

Thanks for reading!

Do you have any recommendations for everyday mascaras?

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9 thoughts on “Review: Maybelline Great Big Lash Mascara

  1. I’ve also heard that it is quite disappointing considering all the hype it gets. I used to adore L’Oreal’s Telescopic mascaras. Specifically Telescopic Explosion that had the tiny, rounded brush but I think they took it off the market because I couldn’t find it anywhere when I wanted to repurchase it. I now use BioNike Defence Colour sculpt mascara which I love. πŸ™‚

  2. I bought this mascara once because i always saw it in woman’s purses, the packaging made it an easy thing to remember seeing around. However, I’m very picky with my mascaras. Ive come to really like the Benefit They’re Real mascara (heres my benefit obsession I’ve mentioned before) lol. its on the more expensive side but its one of my favorites. another good one I’ve just recently tried is the l’Oreal Miss Manga mascara. Does almost the same thing for a third of the price!

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