Review: Simple Skincare Range

Hello again,

I thought I’d try out some products from Simple’s skincare range after I thought: why does everyone like their products so much? Throughout October I’ve been trying to find out whether or not their products are really worth using.

Facial Toner

I blot this toner across my face each morning and night after I’ve removed all of my makeup and cleansed my face. After each use my face is left feel even and fresh; this is such a refreshing feeling especially if you’ve been dealing with spot outbreaks or blemishes.IMG_9902.JPG

Light Moisturiser

Where have I been without this moisturiser? To begin with, I was relieved to find that the product is unscented, this makes me feel as if the product I’m applying to myself is less harsh and more natural. I don’t like perfumed moisturisers as I think the scent can be a cover up for the fact that the product isn’t actually doing a good job. My skin now feels much more hydrated, more so than when I’m using my Nivea moisturiser.


Cleansing Lotion

When purchasing these Simple products, I was torn between buying the lotion or leaving it on the shelf for no other reason than the fact that I already have a perfectly good Neutrogena one that I use daily and is perfect for my skin. Despite this judgment, I bought it anyway. I’m so glad I did! This lotion is so softening for my skin that it’s probably the best product to treat dry skin that I’ve tried so far. I’ve always struggled with dry skin but now I feel like I’ve found my safe haven.


Eye Make-up Remover

Before now I’d always used my Estée Lauder eye makeup remover, but I’d wanted to discover a cheaper alternative. The Simple remover is unscathed and extremely gentle towards my eyes, my eyes can become quite puffy, red and irritated from some products but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this wasn’t an issue.


Facial Wash

After removing my makeup I thoroughly was my face with this gentle, soothing face wash. As I’m finding with all Simple products, it doesn’t make my breakouts irritated and it is kind to my eyes. What more could I want? I only bought the sample size but I will definitely repurchase the bigger one when I’ve used the mini one up.IMG_9904.JPG

Facial Scrub

Great for exfoliating after a deep cleanse, this leaves my face feeling even and smooth. The Simple Facial Scrub is definitely my new favourite scrub as it has become a part of my everyday cleansing routine for the morning and night time.


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I’d love to know how you feel about Simple’s products…

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