Haul: Home and Bedroom

Hello again,

Throughout autumn I’ve found myself accumulating more and more items to put into my bedroom. I sometimes enjoy collecting home décor pieces than I do clothes…

Stag and Tartan Bed Sheets


I bought these bed sheets from Homebase for around £14.99 in their Christmas department sales; I’m pretty sure that they’re RRP was £24.99. I was so pleased that I found some sheets that have stags printed on them because they remind me of winter and are such majestic animals. Also, the tartan print underneath adds some colour to my cookie dough decried bedroom. The bed sheets are reversible so I could always switch to the tartan side if, God forbid, I started to get sick of being surrounded by stags.



On Black Friday I decided to hunt for a new set of cushions seeing as both B&Q and Homebase were having a generous sales. Firstly I bought the brown cushion on the left for £4.50 from Homebase. I then continued on to B&Q where I bought the small cream cushion in the middle for just £2 and the ‘Have A Jolly Good Day’ cushion for £5. I love the way they all match despite them being different colours. It was such a mission for me and my boyfriend to carry these all the way home in the tiny carrier bags that I bought from B&Q. I’m still in awe of how the three of them compliment my bed; how is it possible to buy three gorgeous cushions for just £11.50?!

Wooden Photo Frame


Yet another sale item, I bought this photo frame for just £3! It fits three 6cm x 4cm photographs. When I’ve chosen which pictures to go in it I’m going to hang the frame on my back wall above the centre of my bed, in the place of my Camden sign.

Yankee Candles


Amongst these five sample sizes Yankee Candles are some of my all-time favourite scents; I’ve been waiting until December to burn them as they’re rather festive and autumnal smelling. I think that my favourite is Christmas Cookie so I might purchase a bigger jar in this scent. It has been extremely difficult to suppress my temptations to burn them all; I’m so glad the wait is over!

Thanks for reading!

Which one of these items is your favourite? Let me know in the comments box…

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  • Twitter: @courteneyjn
  • Instagram: @courteneynoonan

Bye for now,

Courteney x


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