Cosy Night In Essentials

Hello again,

These are my essentials for having an evening of tranquility, these are my favourite things to do when I need to wind down and relax. Here are my tips…

Apply a face mask 

Take off your makeup. Put on a face mask. Run a bath. When I want to relax I need to deeply cleanse my face. I can’t stand feeling unclean. I prefer this heated face mask because it feels like it’s really opening your pores and thoroughly taking away impurities.

Cleanse and moisturise 

Soak in a hot bubble bath and wash the, possibly stressful, day away. Everyone feels better with soft, cleansed skin. These are some of my favourite products that I alternate between when I’m soaking in my hot bubble bath.  

Watch a film

In the evenings I’m either watching Netflix or YouTube, my favourite thing to watch is Pretty Little Liars. I don’t watch films very often but sometimes it’s necessary for me to cry over a predictable romcom.

Read a book

Gone Girl is the book that I’m currently reading, I was reading Perks of Being a Wallflower but I don’t find it very interesting. I like reading because it passes time quicker and makes me tired earlier so I can get s decent amount of sleep. 

Fill up a hot water bottle

This is a good idea for anyone that doesn’t own an electric blanket. How can you be comfortable if you’re shivering? In winter I need to wrap myself in layers of blankets to get comfy. 

Get into bed 

There’s no place I’d rather be. I’m most relaxed when I’m in bed wearing a set of fresh pyjamas or a onesie. 

Make a cuppa 

Tea is my usual evening drink of choice, it’s usually accompanied by some biscuits too.

Light a candle 

I’m definitely a Yankee-Candle-aholic: I own way too many for my own good. I love filling my room with different combinations of scents. These little votives only cost £1.80 each. You don’t need to buy one of the huge jars to get the Yankee experience.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed these tips – let me know yours…

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Bye for now,

Courteney x


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