Baking: Shredded Wheat Easter Nests 

Hello again,

Yesterday I made the most delicious Easter treat; it’s probably the easiest recipe to follow. Ever.

Here are the simple steps that I followed:

  • Melt lots and lots of chocolate in a saucepan or in the microwave – make sure you don’t burn it!
  • Crumble up shredded wheat or ordinary cornflakes
  • Mix them together in a large bowl
  • Put them into bun cases
  • Decorate them with cute chicks and mini eggs
  • Leave the to set
  • EAT!

Altogether, the ingredients only cost me a few pounds and I made 28 nests in total. This is ideal if you’re on a budget.

Thank you for reading! I really hope you try to make them this Easter, I think it would be nice to send these to people as gifts as opposed to giving people Easter eggs.

Ways you can reach me:

  • Email:
  • Twitter: @courteneyjn
  • Instagram: @courteneynoonan

Bye for now,

Courteney x


10 thoughts on “Baking: Shredded Wheat Easter Nests 

  1. Awwwh these are so cute and take me back a few years when I used to make these with my mum… must give them a go with my little girl this year too 😀 Karen x

  2. I much prefer cornflakes than that cereal! I never melt in the microwave or pan either haha always burns, you get a pan of boiling water, then put chocolate in a bowl and place on top, the heat melts the chocolate in the bowl! yum x

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