3 Tips For Coping With Stress

Hello everyone,

I feel like it’s been ages since I actually sat down and wrote something of usefulness for the people who may read it. Recently, I’ve been thinking about all of the pressures that people face and how we all, in some way, can struggle to know how to deal with these pressures effectively. The product of this struggle is stress. It could be exam stress, work stress, money stress, relationship stress… any stress. These are the three things that help me to cope with the stress that I’ve been feeling recently.

Get more sleep

I find that going to bed earlier, so I at least get 8 hours sleep, allows more time for my brain to switch off after finishing work or an essay that’s due in. also, going to bed earlier than usual as you may fall asleep quicker too, even if you didn’t think you were that tired. Trying to go to bed when you’re still awake and assertive isn’t realistic as you’ll probably just lie there, over-thinking about all the negativity that you’re currently facing. If you really struggle with sleeping, like I sometimes do, put your mobile, computer, or book away an hour before you attempt to sleep. This will make you less alert so you have more chance of actually falling asleep. Staying up to work late takes away from the time you should spend sleeping, in the morning you could finish what you started when you’ve had a chance to rest which may lead to fresh thinking and better productivity. Also, you may find that if you cut down on your caffeine and sugar intake then you may find it easier to relax and switch off.

Talk to someone

Talk to your friends, talk to your family, talk to your partner, talk to your boss, talk to your teacher – make them understand. If nobody knows that you’re struggling to cope with stress, how are they going to help you? If people are aware that you are struggling, it they really love you then they’ll want to help. Having someone to confide in means that you’re able to unload your troubles; it’s always a relief to share how you’re feeling and maybe listen to some advice from your loved ones. 

Manage your time

I’m a very organised person and I love making lists so if you feel the same, you’ll enjoy this tip. Making lists and then crossing off everything you’ve managed to complete will make you feel like you’re spending your time efficiently and will lessen the chance of you forgetting about something that needed to be done. If you can see all that you’ve accomplished then it will make your efforts seem more worthwhile. Also, don’t spend too much time dwelling on things that don’t require you to worry or get worked up about. Later on, you’ll probably realise that you shouldn’t have spent so much time on a minor issue.   

Thank you for reading! 

Let me know what you do to stop yourself getting stressed out…

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Bye for now,

Courteney x


8 thoughts on “3 Tips For Coping With Stress

      1. Well it was certainly very interesting & often a topic that can be hard for each of us to write or talk about. Stress is something that effects us all at some point or other so it’s certainly a very relatable read 🙂 X

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