Review: Breville Blend Active

Hello again,

As soon as my grandparents gave me the Breville Blend Active for my birthday, I just knew that I was going to love it. I’ve wanted to buy it for so long but just never got round to it. Now I’m living on my own I’ve found myself juggling a lot of things and I often forget, don’t have time or just can’t be bothered to make a proper meal. Making smoothies is so simplistic and quick that I now save a lot of time when preparing food.

Although I don’t drink smoothies for this purpose, having a Blend Active is useful if you want to monitor what you’re eating. I use it to try and eat more healthily, which can be a struggle when you’re a student. There are so many recipes on the internet, and especially on Pinterest, which you can save to your phone for inspiration. The ingredients that you need to a smoothie a so basic and cheap too –  a lot of people assume that fruit has to be expensive (this is a fib).

I mainly use frozen fruit in my smoothies, which consists of: blackberries, raspberries, grapes, blueberries and currants. I also use yogurt and ice or juice instead of milk as I don’t like the idea of mixing milk with fruit. I usually prepare portions of fruit in tubs in my freezer to make the process a little more convenient – this saves worrying about adding too much yogurt or not enough ice etc.

You can also use other ingredients such as protein powder, vegetables or oats. This all depends on the flavour that you want your smoothie to be and the reason you want to make smoothies. Is it for energy? Is it to save money? Is it for convenience? Is it for diet?

I would highly recommend the Blend Active, or any blender for that matter, to anyone who loves fruit and vegetables or anyone who is looking to change the way they eat.

You can buy the Breville Blend Active here for just £19.50 – it’s on sale!

Thank you for reading!

Please post your smoothie recommendations in the comments if you’ve found some tasty ones!

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