Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Hello again,

This year I went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park for the first time with some of my friends. It’s safe to say that, like most others, I was mesmerised by the flashing lights and overwhelmed by the smell of burger vans.

Without wanting to seem like I’m exaggerating, the lights were SO bright. The pictures really don’t do this experience any justice.

Being the adrenaline junky that I am (not really – I’m quite a wimp), I love going on the scariest, fastest rides. I didn’t go on any this time – alcohol and rides don’t seem like a perfect combination- but it was still fun to watch people scream whilst they were being thrown hundreds of feet into the air…


This is one of the prettiest Christmas trees I’ve seen so far this year. It’s so simplistic and subtle, but yet it isn’t drowned out by the rides and the stalls. I’m definitely impressed by the amount of time and effort goes into the set up of the whole thing.

To get to the ice skating rink we walked beneath these arches of bright lights. They were so tall and bold, making them overwhelming and mesmerising in equal measure.

I was utterly jealous of all the ice skaters that we watched – I was certain that I was going to go this year. However, it’s probably a good idea that I didn’t have the chance to go as I’ve only ever been ice skating once and I broke my wrist. It clearly isn’t meant to be. It was entertaining seeing people take to the ice like Bambi would – exactly how I would have been skating (or at least attempting to). Next year will be my year!

One of my friends suggested going for drinks in the Bavarian Village. I won’t moan about the overly price Kopparberg that I paid for because “you pay extra for the experience”. Also, Winter Wonderland is free entry so they need to make a profit somehow… The Village was packed with tipsy fair-goers; the busy atmosphere made it feel much more alive than other areas of the park. There was even a live act who couldn’t sing all too well but was hilarious to listen to. He murdered a few classics. Maybe he was drunk? Maybe it was a joke? It reminded me of the tone death tribute acts that always star in community talent shows.

I’ll just say it: the Ferris wheel is no London Eye. It’s not even close. If you’re used to such sights then you will be disappointed by the size of the one at Winter Wonderland. This being said, it did change colours and was nice to look at. I’m not sure I would pay to go on it though.

Thank you for reading!

If you’ve been to Winter Wonderland let me know what you thought of it. I absolutely loved it – I wish I could go again before it closes for the year.

Ways you can reach me:

Bye for now,

Courteney x


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