Soap & Glory ‘Thick & Fast’ HD Mascara | Review

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Although this mascara is an old favourite, for some reason I stopped using it a while ago so I could try some new mascaras. I recently came back to it as I ended up getting two for Christmas – it must’ve been a sign…

This is a really good alternative if you’re looking for something that’s better than standard drugstore mascaras but not out of budget, like the luxury brand mascaras. It’s a nice in-betweener and it’s definitely worth the money.


You can’t really tell from the photo because the difference is really subtle but the actual mascara brush has more strands on one side. One side has fewer thick strands and the other has more thin strands. So, one side better for separation and the other side better for volume. I start by using the side with less strands on as it applies the product more evenly. However, using just this side makes my eyelashes really thick so I always use the fluffier side to separate them.


I find that mascaras are usually either volumising but clumpy or volumising but not lengthening so this is the perfect in-between for me. Whilst it gives my eyelashes a lot of volume, it does it without making them clump together. It also adds a great amount of length. I sometimes find that some mascaras can make my eyelashes look too long and false, because I have quite long lashes anyway.

I will suggest using an eyelash curler and then a primer with any mascara. I find it stops my eyelashes from clumping and separates my eyelashes evenly before I’ve even put any mascara on. This mascara works really well with my NYX Big and Loud Primer, which I featured on my blog not too long ago.



I’ve used a lot of mascaras in the same price range as this one but there hasn’t been one that volumises and lengthens as well as this one without going over the top. I usually end up using a combination of two or three mascaras to get my eyelashes how I want them and it honestly takes me forever. However, when I use this one, it literally takes five minutes.


You can find the mascara in Boots for £10.50 if you wanted to try it. They also still stock the original version, the Thick and Fast Mascara, if you wanted to try that one first. There’s a lot of difference between the new and old ones but they both work really well. If you wanted to try both of them, Boots are also doing an offer on Soap and Glory products so you can buy one product and get another one for half the price…

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4 Things I’m Rubbish At Remembering To Do

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I don’t know why but for some reason I have the urge to tell the world about the things that I’m rubbish at remembering.

To water my plants

At the moment I have three plants sat on my window sill, all in need of some TLC. I feel so neglectful when I forget to water them for a few days and their leaves start to wilt. I should probably set an alarm on my phone to remind me to make sure my plants don’t die.

To drink water

Something that I often forget, but I am getting a lot better app. I’ve been using the Water Log app on my phone, which sends me reminders every hour to drink water. This actually helps because it reminds me that I need to put a bottle of water in my bag whenever I go out. Still, I never seem to be drinking it enough.

To moisturise

Always. For some reason moisturising is the thing that gets cut out of my routine if I find myself rushing, which is most mornings. It’s only when I shower at night (rarely) that I actually remember to take the time to moisturise.

To write important things in my diary

When it comes to uni, I always forget to write down my homework or things that I need to do as soon as the information is given to me. I’m sure that if I remembered to write things down as they’re said to me then I’d get my work done a lot quicker and wouldn’t forget half as much as I do.

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2015 Favourites: October

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I genuinely can’t believe how quickly October has passed. However, I’m not that sad about it as November is my birthday month! (Shout out to all the November babies out there).

Anyway, I better get on with telling you what I’ve loving this month…

Matalan Handbag

For the weeks leading up to university and even when I started university, I was still looking for a perfectly sized and shaped handbag to use. Before I bought this one, I was using a Lipsy one that I received for my birthday last year. I bought my new bag from a Matalan Clearance Store for just £6. It’s the perfect size for my folders and books, can handle a lot of weight and has a front pocket for items that would get lost in the main compartment: cards, uni ID, keys…


Maybelline Baby Lips Balm

I’m pretty sure I bought this lip balm about a year and a half ago – Is that gross? Anyway, I remember using it obsessively for about 3 months before I forgot about it and starting using Vaseline again. However, for the past month or so I’ve been using it everyday as my lips are in an awful condition. They’re so cracked and dry ALL THE TIME. Maybe it’s the cold weather. Or the dirty London air. Now, I don’t tend to leave the house without it; it’s also great to apply before putting on lipstick to stop your lips drying out as much.


‘The Girl On The Train’ by Paula Hawkins

I want say too much about this book here because 1) I have people who post spoilers and 2) If I tell you how amazing the book is here then you won’t go and read the book review that I wrote. Hint hint. I would highly recommend that you read this! I was lucky enough to pick it up from a car boot sale for £1.50.

You can read my book review here.


Primark Tartan Scarf

I’ve definitely been wearing this scarf almost everyday. It’s everything you should expect from a scarf: comfy, thick, long but not long enough to trail across the floor, autumnal coloured. I think it cost me just £5, which is an investment really.


Real Techniques Stippling Makeup Brush 

I bought this makeup brush from Amazon for around £7. Luckily, I had a £5 gift voucher to use so it only cost me £2 really. I’ve wanted this brush for so long and I have not been disappointed with it. It applies foundation so evenly with prevents your face from looking cake it. Some may say that owning this makeup brush is a necessity…


MUA Lipstick 

I have been wearing this lipstick almost everyday since I bought it for just £1 in my local Superdrug store. It’s a deep berry red shade, which is actually titled ‘Shade 01’. What a fascinating name for a lipstick. Go and buy it. I also bought a shade which is slightly more purple from Makeup Revolution. However, I’m not loving that as much. Maybe I’ll warm to it.


Boohoo Camel Boyfriend Coat

This is probably my absolute favourite of this month. I originally wanted a similar coat from New Look but it had sold out online and in store by the time I decided I was going to buy it. However, I did find an almost identical one off of the Boohoo website – the Libby coat. I’m very pleased with it! I really love this colour for a coat, every time I saw something wearing one I’d think “ooooh she looks nice.” Now I finally have my own – hurray!


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Haul: Yankee Candle

Today I purchased my first ever Yankee Candles as I recently discovered that they can be bought at Clinton Cards. This is the only place I know where I can buy them where I live in Cornwall, England. I’m a lover of candles and have wanted to try some from Yankee Candle for the longest time. I’ve yet to burn them but as soon as I sniffed them I fell in love. These are the three that I bought; I think that the smallest two are “sample” size and the bigger one is a size “medium”. Also, they were half price! What could be better?

If you have any recommendations for other Yankee Candle scents that I should invest in then I would really appreciate it! Also, has anyone tried any of the ones I bought? Let me know your thoughts…

I’m now a full blown Yankee fiend…

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Review: Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Mascara

Hello again!

After lusting after this mascara for quite a while, I eventually decided to try it despite the mixed reviews that I have read from blogs and seen on YouTube. I feel as if I am in love/hate relationship with ‘They’re Real’…

The main thing I adore is the effortless length that the brush provides my eyelashes with – it make me looks alive and awake whilst making my eyes stand on more than they do with more subtle mascaras. I find that the runny consistency makes it a lot easier to apply the mascara and perfect my lashes. However, I am always careful to use small amounts and layer if necessary as it easily thickens my lashes whilst giving them a chunky ‘spidery’ look that many despise. Personally, I don’t feel like I need to apply the tonnes of products onto my lashes as the brush covers them well.

This mascara has become my everyday favourite and despite being a little more expensive than my usual Soap and Glory or high street mascaras.

As well as being subtly bright it can reflect elegance through a natural glow.

20140720-034903 pm-56943530.jpg

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