Soap & Glory ‘Thick & Fast’ HD Mascara | Review

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Although this mascara is an old favourite, for some reason I stopped using it a while ago so I could try some new mascaras. I recently came back to it as I ended up getting two for Christmas – it must’ve been a sign…

This is a really good alternative if you’re looking for something that’s better than standard drugstore mascaras but not out of budget, like the luxury brand mascaras. It’s a nice in-betweener and it’s definitely worth the money.


You can’t really tell from the photo because the difference is really subtle but the actual mascara brush has more strands on one side. One side has fewer thick strands and the other has more thin strands. So, one side better for separation and the other side better for volume. I start by using the side with less strands on as it applies the product more evenly. However, using just this side makes my eyelashes really thick so I always use the fluffier side to separate them.


I find that mascaras are usually either volumising but clumpy or volumising but not lengthening so this is the perfect in-between for me. Whilst it gives my eyelashes a lot of volume, it does it without making them clump together. It also adds a great amount of length. I sometimes find that some mascaras can make my eyelashes look too long and false, because I have quite long lashes anyway.

I will suggest using an eyelash curler and then a primer with any mascara. I find it stops my eyelashes from clumping and separates my eyelashes evenly before I’ve even put any mascara on. This mascara works really well with my NYX Big and Loud Primer, which I featured on my blog not too long ago.



I’ve used a lot of mascaras in the same price range as this one but there hasn’t been one that volumises and lengthens as well as this one without going over the top. I usually end up using a combination of two or three mascaras to get my eyelashes how I want them and it honestly takes me forever. However, when I use this one, it literally takes five minutes.


You can find the mascara in Boots for £10.50 if you wanted to try it. They also still stock the original version, the Thick and Fast Mascara, if you wanted to try that one first. There’s a lot of difference between the new and old ones but they both work really well. If you wanted to try both of them, Boots are also doing an offer on Soap and Glory products so you can buy one product and get another one for half the price…

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NYX Big & Loud Lash Primer | Review

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Seeing as I’d run out of my Clinique Lash Building Primer, I thought I’d try a new one. I much prefer trying out new products than buying the same ones over and over again. My trust Clinique primer cost me £14 whereas my new NYX Big & Loud Lash Primer was just £5.50 so as you can imagine I was hoping that the NYX one would become my new favourite…

First and foremost, if you don’t use an eyelash primer then you must. I find that it’s a product that nobody else thinks about. People tend to forget that eyelash primers exist. Personally, I couldn’t imagine putting mascara on without a primer. It simply wouldn’t feel right.


When I first used this primer I was a little confused. My Clinique one always coated my lashes with a thick layer of product. When I first used my NYX primer, it applied so easily that I barely noticed any product on my eyelashes. You can actually barely see it when I’ve put it on. I’m going to be honest, at this point I didn’t expect the primer to work at all because it was so different to ones I’ve used in the past.

I found that my mascara was so much easier to apply than it was with my Clinique primer. This stopped my eyelashes from going clumpy and looking too thick. This primer makes my eyelashes look a lot more natural and feminine than my previous one did.


Once I’d applied the primer on my first eye, I let it try for a few seconds before putting my mascara on. I was actually really shocked that the primer made a difference to the application of my mascara at all.

I’ve also noticed that my mascara is a lot more long lasting when I use this primer. I used to find that bits of my mascara would flake off gradually throughout the day. Now, it stays put right up until the moment I want to take it off at night.

It’s interesting how I thought I’d hate this primer and now I couldn’t imagine doing my makeup without it. As you can probably already tell, I highly recommend this product…

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Let me know what your favourite eyelash primer is, I’m sure it won’t be long before this one runs out…

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Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara | Review

Hello again,

The Maybelline Lash Sensational is probably one of the most talked about mascaras in the world of blogging. I started using it about a month ago after running out of my Benefit They’re Real mascara.

I’d say the most prominent feature to this product is the fact that it’s really lengthening. Paired with a good eyelash primer, it makes my eyelashes really fluttery and feminine. It doesn’t make them look like spider legs, like a lot of lengthening mascaras tend to do, but simply enhances your natural eyelashes.

It’s not the most lengthening mascara I’ve tried, but it provides the perfect length for me. I had tried mascaras in the past that make my eyelashes ridiculously long and I hated the way it looked.


If you’re looking for volume, this mascara probably isn’t for you. However, it doesn’t make your mascara look thin, it merely separates them in a fluttery sort of way. Because of this, this mascara never makes my eyelashes clumpy or too thick.

What I like the most is that although it separates my eyelashes, it doesn’t make them look unatural. As you can see, they’re not perfectly even like false lashes. They look exactly like my own eyelashes, with a little bit of volume and length.


As the mascara doesn’t provide a lot of volume, I usually apply some of my Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded mascara first. I only put one coat of it on my eyelashes before using the Maybelline Lash Sensational. Otherwise, my eyelashes will look a bit more sparse than I want them too. I feel like these two together give me everything I look for in a perfect mascara.

If you’re wondering why I’ve only skimmed over the Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara – it’s because there’s a full review coming to my blog really soon.


As you’ve probably gathered by now, this little beauty is definitely worth the hype.

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5 Tips To Save Your Problematic Skin

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Recently my friend asked me what I’ve been doing to clear up my skin. At last, someone noticed that my poor skin is improving. To paint a picture, my skin is typically dry and has some slight scarring from acne I’ve had in the past. Some of the time my skin isn’t on its best behaviour and I get spots but it’s nothing to wail about.

This got me thinking not about the products I’ve been using but about the efforts I make to take special care of my skin, and in particular my face. So, I’ve compiled a list of tips that I follow to keep my skin healthy and in good order.

Clean your makeup brushes properly and regularly

When I was watching Sam Chapman, co-creator of Real Techniques, on YouTube I heard her say that you should wash your makeup brushes once per week. I’ll confess that I definitely don’t wash my makeup brushes this often, but I do try to wash them a lot more than I used to. Note to self: make more of an effort.

Remove ALL of your makeup before going to bed

This is so important. If I so much as take a two hour nap whilst I’m still wearing makeup then I’ll wake up with huge red spots on my face. I’ve heard that this isn’t the case for everyone but it’s still hygenic to make the effort to cleanse your face before you go to bed. If you don’t thoroughly clean your face before you go to bed then then makeup will build up on your pillow which will become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Say goodbye to makeup wipes

Makeup wipes don’t remove all of your makeup. You’re lying to yourself if they thing you do. Also, for a lot of people they can be an irritant on your skin if they’re scented or not soft enough. They don’t clean your face and will never replace a good old fashion cleansing polish or liquid makeup remover. So, if you really feel the need to use makeup wipes, at least clean your face properly after. Unless you’ve just come in from a night out and are at risk from drowning yourself in the sink, then you’re allowed to use makeup wipes just this once.

Don’t apply makeup to a dirty face

It’s probably a no-brainer to tell people to wash their face when they wake up but just in case people don’t, here is your friendly reminder. Your face needs to be cleanse because you slap makeup onto it.

Wash your bed sheets regularly 

Remember what I said earlier about your pillow being a bacterial breeding ground? Well, change your bedding regularly just to make sure you’re not sleeping on last week’s makeup.

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Introducing… ResMed’s S+ Sleep Tracker

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So today’s blog post is a little different…

For the past month or so I’ve been testing out a sleep tracker to try and improve the amount and quality of sleep that I’m getting each night. The S+ tracks every stage of the sleep cycle by monitoring your breathing and eye movement using a sensor.

ResMed kindly sent me this product after reading on my blog that I’ve been struggling to sleep recently. So, using the S+ app on my iPhone, the sleep tracker gives me charts each morning that analyse my sleep cycle from the previous night.

I’m going to be honest. The first night I tried to use the S+ I thought I was using it properly but found out the next morning that I hadn’t even pressed ‘Sleep’ on the app. A rookie mistake, I know.

Finally, after about a week of forgetting to plug it in or accidentally switching it off in the night, I started to get the hang of it.


Before telling the S+ that you want to go to sleep, it asks you to fill in some details about your day, which could explain why you’re not getting enough sleep. Before falling asleep, you can also choose the “Mind Clear” program which helps to relax you so you’re not stressed before you try to sleep. This may reduce the time it takes you to fall asleep.


When you wake up, you will see a graph on the app showing levels of deep sleep, light sleep, eye movement and disruptions. Afterwards, you receive advice on how your night’s sleep could be improved. I usually get told to make my room darker and to drink less caffeine.

My Sleep

As you can see, I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. Recently I’ve been waking up a lot and have struggled to fall into a deep sleep as I have a throat infection.

A perfect night’s sleep would give you a score of 100. As you can see, my score is a pretty poor 64. To be fair, it has been around the 30/40 mark a few times so it could be worse. This chart breaks down my night’s sleep: deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement (REM) and the time I spent trying to fall asleep.

Since I’ve been using the S+ I’ve been paying a lot more attention to how much sleep I’m getting and have actually started bothering to care about the quality of my sleep. So, I would say that my sleep has improved since I’ve had the sleep tracker.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what the S+ does then you can read more about it on ResMed’s website or comment any questions you want to ask me about my experience with it.

Please note that the S+ is by no means a medical solution for you not being able to sleep, it quite simply helps you manage your time and make informed lifestyle choices to help you sleep better.

Thank you for reading!

Let me know if you’ve tried a sleep tracker before and what you think of them. If not, tell me one thing that helps you to fall asleep…

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10 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down

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Recently I’ve been thinking about all of the things that I do to cheer myself up when I’m stuck in a rut of boredom and can’t seem to face being productive. So, I thought that I’d collate a list of these things to share with those of you that need cheering up.

Do something spontaneous

Just go somewhere that you’ve never been before. It doesn’t have to be an expensive day out. Sometimes, if I need to clear my head, I just get onto the tube and find somewhere interesting to go. There must be a park you’ve never visited or a street market you’ve never walked around.


Go for a walk

When I need to clear my head, think something through or need a little inspiration, I go for walk to some of my favourite places surrounding where I live or walk to a place I’ve never been before. Letting the fresh air fill your lungs can be one of the best things for resolving that ‘I don’t know what the hell I’m supposed to be doing right now’ feeling.

Do some baking

I can imagine that this tip won’t be helpful for those of you that are scared of using any appliance or technique more advanced than the microwave, so I’ll keep it short. When I’m bored or uninspired I bake something (jam tarts, brownies, cheesecake…) as it’s one of my favourite creative outlets. It also makes for good blog posts when I feel like I’ve got nothing else to write…

Take a long bath

You might need a face mask and a magazine or two for this one. If I had a bath I would spend hours in there with a Lush bath bomb and a good book. Sadly, if I want to relax I have to go and stand in the shower for an hour – not the same, is it?


Again, this one won’t be for everyone. Recently, when I’m feeling annoyed and in need of a break from whatever’s going on, I’ve been trying to go to the gym to run away (ha ha) from whatever’s been bugging me. Going for a run outside will also do you no harm.

Listen to Destiny’s Child

An absolute no-brainer. You can’t exactly feel sad when you’re listening to Survivor



Make a list of all things you’ve got to look forward to

If you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything recently or you have nothing to do, just make a list of all of the good things that are going to be happening soon. Whether it’s a trip that you and your friends have planned or a full day off of work.

Unplug yourself from the internet

Sometimes you might just need a break from all of the endless Instagram scrolling. Give your thumb a rest and do something that will make you feel productive.

Create a jar of uplifting and motivational notes

Write out notes of positivity so when you need them, you can just look into your jar for an inspiring quote to brighten your mood. Mine is mostly filled with quotes from my favourite writers and thinkers who inspire me to write, to be a person and to enjoy everything in between those things.

Surround yourself with people that make you smile

Cut out all of the people who make you feel crap and sad. You don’t need those kind of people.

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If you’re up for sharing, I’d love to know your uplifting tips and advice.

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4 Things I’m Rubbish At Remembering To Do

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I don’t know why but for some reason I have the urge to tell the world about the things that I’m rubbish at remembering.

To water my plants

At the moment I have three plants sat on my window sill, all in need of some TLC. I feel so neglectful when I forget to water them for a few days and their leaves start to wilt. I should probably set an alarm on my phone to remind me to make sure my plants don’t die.

To drink water

Something that I often forget, but I am getting a lot better app. I’ve been using the Water Log app on my phone, which sends me reminders every hour to drink water. This actually helps because it reminds me that I need to put a bottle of water in my bag whenever I go out. Still, I never seem to be drinking it enough.

To moisturise

Always. For some reason moisturising is the thing that gets cut out of my routine if I find myself rushing, which is most mornings. It’s only when I shower at night (rarely) that I actually remember to take the time to moisturise.

To write important things in my diary

When it comes to uni, I always forget to write down my homework or things that I need to do as soon as the information is given to me. I’m sure that if I remembered to write things down as they’re said to me then I’d get my work done a lot quicker and wouldn’t forget half as much as I do.

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