Nicky Clarke Hair Therapy Straighteners | Review

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I decided to use a Boots gift voucher I got for Christmas to buy myself some new hair straighteners. I didn’t want to get expensive ones because I do already have really good ones. Conveniently, these Nicky Clarke ones were reduced from £39.99 to £19.99 in Boots’ post-Christmas sale.

I’m really glad I found some for that price because I can now justify having straighteners in Cornwall and in London. I got these ones because they’re small and compact so they won’t take up much room in my suitcase for Budapest and won’t break my luggage weight limit.


For the price, I’m so impressed with how well they work!

They heat up really quickly when you turn them on and also cool down quickly when you’ve turned them off. This is so useful if you’re in a rush to go out and you need to take them with you. It took mine about 15 minutes to cool down completely after I switched them off.

The heat setting comes in the form of a dial, where you can choose fine, medium, high and max. Fine to medium heat is for shorter or thinner hair and high to maximum heat is for longer or thicker hair. I used medium for mine and it was definitely hot enough – my hair is thin but still quite long. It only took me 20 minutes to straighten my hair perfectly, although someone else probably could have done it a lot quicker because I took boredom breaks.


This might seem stupid but another thing I like about these straighteners is that they actually have an on/off switch. My other hair straighteners don’t have a switch so I have to turn them off by the plug, which I always forget to do. It’s definitely the little things in life…

I don’t use hairspray but my hair still stayed in tact all day which is definitely a good sign. I feel like I don’t have to use these straighteners a lot to get the straightness that I want, which is obviously better for the condition of my hair. I wash my hair every other day so even when I’m on ‘second day hair’, my hair is still really straight and I only have to quickly go over it to get it how I like it.


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6 Ways I’m Saving My Dry, Damaged Hair

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As someone with naturally dry hair I’ve tried quite a lot of products and tips to save my hair from becoming brittle and damaged. My hair colour is also dyed and I’ve recently started using a lot of heat on my hair so I’m now giving my hair a little more TLC.

Giving the heat a rest

Since I had my hair dyed from platinum blonde to a more natural colour, I’ve been trying to use less heat on it. I still blow dry my hair nearly every time I was it because I’m in a rush for uni but I’ve been trying to curl it less and less.

Using heat protection

My Aussie Miracle Recharge Leave-in Conditioner Spray (what a mouthful) is an aboslute God send. It smells like fresh fruit and stops my hair dryer from frying my hair. What more could a girl want in a heat protectant spray? Also, £4.99 is a small price to pay when you think of how much use the product will give you and how much you put your hair through. If you constantly blow dry, straighten and curl your hair, you should defiitely invest in a heat protectant spray. If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper alternative, this Vo5 one is also a winner, especially for those of you with curly hair.


Regular haircuts 

I regularly cut my hair myself because I know that I’ll only be disappointed by going to the hairdressers and getting 5 inches cut off when I only asked for 1 inch to be taken off. I hate looking at my hair and realising that the ends probably died months ago.

Sorting out the frizz

The John Frieda Frizz Ease is my best friend. I’ve been using it for as long as I can remember. All I do is spread two pumps of the serum into my hair as soon as I get out of the shower. It makes my curls more defined and stops my hair from turning into an uncontrollable, frizzy mess.



Saying no to brushing

I used to brush my hair every time I got out of the shower. I know it’s bad to brush your hair when it’s wet but my hair was so matted and tangled after I had it dyed in the hairdressers. Now, I comb my fingers through my hair in the shower when I’ve got conditioner on. After, I put Frizz Ease in my hair and use my Aussie spray and gently comb them in with my fingers again.

Saying yes to combing

Even if I’m blow drying it I don’t feel the need to brush it. Sometimes on the day I don’t wash my hair I’ll use a thick comb to untangle it but I’ve completely stopped using a brush.



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Monthly Favourites | October 2016

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For the first time in a very long time, I thought I’d share my monthly favourites. Although I love reading these types of posts, I always forget to post my own. I’ve also written another similar post about all of the things I did this month.

Estée Lauder Shape + Fill Expert Serum

I’ve only started using this recently but it’s such an effective serum that it felt wrong not to include it. I basically use this after I’ve cleansed my face, I’ve applied my under-eye cream and I’m about to go to bed. When I wake up, my skin still feels smooth and hydrated as opposed to the dry mess that it’s usually in.


Rimmel Rita Ora nail polish in ‘Lose Your Lingerie’

This polish is literally ALWAYS on my nails. It’s such a pretty but subtle colour so it’s really wearable. I used to be into really deep, berry toned polishes but recently I’ve been gravitating to more natural colours. This polish is really affordable so I’ll definitely buy it again. I’m pretty sure mine is nearly all gone…


The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser

I was really surprised at how effective this product turned out to be. I expected it to clean my face thoroughly because it’s from The Body Shop and I trust their products. However, I didn’t expect it to remove all of my makeup and in particular my waterproof mascara. I rub a small amount into my face with my fingers and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. It gets rid of my makeup after one use but I always do a second one just in case.


Clinique Lash Building Primer

As mentioned in my review of this product, this primer is amazing! If you’re looking to invest in a good eye product, let it be this one. I’m a firm believer that eyelash primers are more important that mascaras. How else do people make their mascara stay on all day?


Palmer’s Coconut Moisture Gro

I absolutely despise coconut and anything that smells like coconut but my nanan assured me that this would make my hair a lot softer and more hydrated. Since I had my hair done it’s been a bit dry so once a week I’ve started leaving this oil all over my hair for the night and washing it off in the morning. It makes my hair so soft and easy to style. I think I’m willing to move past the coconut smell.


Lush ‘Mask of Magnaminty’ 

I only bought this at the beginning of the month but I already love it. Although mint isn’t one of my favourite smells, this product feels amazing on my skin. This product was recommended to be by a Lush sales assistant who even showed me how the mask felt on my skin in the store. I loved it so much when I got home that I wrote a whole blog post about it.


MUA Radiant Illumination Highlighting Kit

This product was released at the beginning of October (or the end of September – I can’t actually remember). I think I saw it in one of the many emails that Superdrug seem to send me. This palette was meant to be £6 but Superdrug were offering students a 20% discount when I bought it so I got it for quite a bit cheaper.



Dark Places

I’ve only just started this book but I’ve been binging on it since I turned the first place. It’s just as dark as Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, which is also one of my favourites, but it’s a lot less predictable. I haven’t finished it yet but so far I’m in love.


As always, thanks for reading!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and tell me what you think of them…

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Winter Skincare and Haircare Tips and Saviours

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Like a lot of people, I have dry skin and find that my skin gets even worse during the winter months. Although sometimes, no matter how hard I try, there’s no stopping the bitter cold air from drying out my skin, there are some things that I try and do to prevent it.


Surely this is a no-brainer. If your skin is dry then look for some moisturisers and creams that target dry skin especially. That being said, there’s no point in just using any old moisturiser that won’t actually benefit your skin. You could end up buying a moisturiser that is better for oily skin, which would be a waste of time and money. Take the time to read reviews of products before you buy them so you can see how other people with different skin types got on with them.

Most of the body moisturising products I use are from The Body Shop and Soap & Glory. Personally, I think that their products are unbeatable. As well as stopping my skin from drying out, they always smell feminine and make me feel as if my skin actually looks a lot nicer.

Use lip balm

If you can remember to apply lipstick or lipgloss everyday then you have no excuse for not using your Vaseline or Baby Lips. My lips are always chapped and cracked throughout winter so I try and keep a lip balm in every pocket of every coat and bag that I own. Dry lips are so uncomfortable and at times painful so it’s also no good to lather matter lipsticks all over them before you’ve thought to treat the dryness.

I’ve been using the Baby Lips balms ever since they were released and I absolutely love them. As well as softening your lips, most of them are scented and tinted so you don’t have to bother with applying a lip stick over the top. I know a lot of people like ‘Pink Punch’ for this purpose. ‘Peach Kiss’ also doubles up as a lovely nude. I also love the Nivea strawberry lip balm, as well as being moisturising it gives my lips a pretty tint of red.

Use the right hair products 

If you read the different shampoo and conditioner bottles you’ll find that they all have different purposes. It seems obvious but I bet that there are a lot of people that pick up the first bottle they see without bothering to see if it’s right for their hair. My favourite shampoo and conditioner has always been TRESemmé. At the moment I’m using their volume products because my hair has felt lifeless all winter – these products definitely keep my hair looking thick and glossy.

Also, if you have the time, try using a hair mask instead of the old leaving-your-conditioner-in-for-ages-before-washing-it-off trick. Hair masks restore health to your hair by making it feel softer and less brittle. During the winter I have to deeply condition my hair more often than I do in the summer because the cold air always makes my hair feel dried out, which isn’t what people usually want for their mane.

Use an eye cream

This is so important. My face is incredibly dry which makes the area under my eyes dry and itchy too. Every morning after I wash my face I make sure that I use an eye cream which massively improves the feeling of my skin. Also, using eye creams will usually make you look more awake as reduce the puffiness of your eyes. This is ideal if you don’t get a lot of sleep or find yourself developing bags under your eyes as a result of binge watching Netflix all weekend. Give your poor eyes a rest.

I usually use the Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Cream but I’ve just finished my pot so I’m now using the Simple eye cream instead.

Frequently change razors

Writing this seems a little TMI for this sort of post but everyone should be told to use a fresh razor regularly. Using blunt razors will damage your skin, making it more sensitive and sore. By using a new razor your skin will be smoother and less likely to become irritated. The Dollar Shave Club offers monthly plans where you can pay for new razor blades to be delivered to you – ideal if you’re too lazy to go out and get new ones yourself.

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If you have any tips or suggestions for helping my dry winter skin then put them in the comments below because I’m sure I’m due a Superdrug binge any time now…

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