Soap & Glory ‘Thick & Fast’ HD Mascara | Review

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Although this mascara is an old favourite, for some reason I stopped using it a while ago so I could try some new mascaras. I recently came back to it as I ended up getting two for Christmas – it must’ve been a sign…

This is a really good alternative if you’re looking for something that’s better than standard drugstore mascaras but not out of budget, like the luxury brand mascaras. It’s a nice in-betweener and it’s definitely worth the money.


You can’t really tell from the photo because the difference is really subtle but the actual mascara brush has more strands on one side. One side has fewer thick strands and the other has more thin strands. So, one side better for separation and the other side better for volume. I start by using the side with less strands on as it applies the product more evenly. However, using just this side makes my eyelashes really thick so I always use the fluffier side to separate them.


I find that mascaras are usually either volumising but clumpy or volumising but not lengthening so this is the perfect in-between for me. Whilst it gives my eyelashes a lot of volume, it does it without making them clump together. It also adds a great amount of length. I sometimes find that some mascaras can make my eyelashes look too long and false, because I have quite long lashes anyway.

I will suggest using an eyelash curler and then a primer with any mascara. I find it stops my eyelashes from clumping and separates my eyelashes evenly before I’ve even put any mascara on. This mascara works really well with my NYX Big and Loud Primer, which I featured on my blog not too long ago.



I’ve used a lot of mascaras in the same price range as this one but there hasn’t been one that volumises and lengthens as well as this one without going over the top. I usually end up using a combination of two or three mascaras to get my eyelashes how I want them and it honestly takes me forever. However, when I use this one, it literally takes five minutes.


You can find the mascara in Boots for £10.50 if you wanted to try it. They also still stock the original version, the Thick and Fast Mascara, if you wanted to try that one first. There’s a lot of difference between the new and old ones but they both work really well. If you wanted to try both of them, Boots are also doing an offer on Soap and Glory products so you can buy one product and get another one for half the price…

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5 Tips for Finding an Internship

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I’ve just finished doing a social media internship for uni and thought I’d write something to help people that might be interested in looking for internships or work experience. These are a few of the things I did to find mine – hopefully at least one of you find this helpful…

Set up Indeed

I always use Indeed to apply for jobs and internships because it just seems to be where most of them are listed. Your recent searches save so you don’t have to keep creating new searches. Also, there’s an option to save the an internship for later so you don’t have to apply as soon as you find one that suits you. Afterwards, you can put the internship in the ‘applied’ section and can then move it to ‘interviewing’ or ‘offered’ depending on your success!  You’ll be able to apply for a lot of internships within the site but sometimes you’ll be directed to other sites, such as Internwise, which gives you access to loads more internships. The thing I like most about Indeed is that you can save your CV to the site. This means that you can literally just click ‘apply’ more some internships which makes the process so much quicker.

Build your contacts

Make a list of companies you’d be interested in interning for and contact them. Even if they haven’t advertised an internship online, it’s worth phoning or emailing them to ask if you can do some work experience with them. Showing an interest in working for someone for free makes you look really keen to learn and gain experience so it betters your chances. If they don’t have any room for you right now, keep them in mind still. They might be taking on in the future and may remember you.


Say yes

When I first started looking for an internship I hesitated from applying to a lot that I saw because I didn’t feel like I was experienced enough because I hadn’t had a job in the industry or finished my degree yet. This attitude will only hold you back. Internships are about gaining experiencing and learning about the industry you want to work in. You don’t have to walk into an internship as an expert.

Don’t be picky

Everyone has their dream job role or dream employer in mind but it may not be possible to walk straight into an internship with that company. Obviously if you have the chance to, apply for the internships that are perfect for your interests and abilities. However, don’t be afraid to go a little out of your comfort zone. For example, most of what I study at uni is based around writing news stories. Instead of taking an internship in a newsroom, I started one involving social media and blogging. Sometimes it’s good to do something different. Also, it you only apply for the ‘perfect’ internships, you’re limiting the amount of applications you can make which obviously limits your chances of actually getting an internship.

Be proactive

Applying for three internships and then forgetting all about your search for a few weeks won’t do you any good. When I was applying I checked my searches daily so I could save the applications that I wanted to make and then actually apply for them within a day or two. Applying regularly will increase your chances of someone getting back to you. If you keep forgetting to look for internships then you’ll miss opportunities because the vacancies will be filled. Just be aware that hundreds of other students might be applying for the same internship – you’ve got competition!

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The Best Bits | January 2017

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The first Best Bits post of this year is quite a simple one. Here are the three best things that happened this January…


Me and Cem went to Budapest from the end of December into the beginning of January and had the best time. We split our time between walking for miles to see all the sights and unwinding in the spa. My favourite parts of the holiday were ice skating, walking up Gellert Hill and seeing the government building light up at night. If you were wondering what Cem’s favourite part was, it was probably the GIANT pizza that he ordered…



I’d wanted to see this film for a while and I’m so glad that we got to see it in the cinema. It’s essentially about two people being stranded on their own in a spaceship. That’s a really boring description but if I say anything else about it then the story will be spoiled. I’d highly recommend it anyway!


Getting a job

I finally have a job! I haven’t had any paid work since the summer because I’ve been focusing on uni and finishing my 3 month social media internship. My internship didn’t quite end because I now have a proper job there and couldn’t be happier. I genuinely love being there so being paid for doing it is just a bonus.



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How To Increase Your Website Engagement | AD

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Whether you’re a start-up business or a newbie blogger, the thought of having to generate traffic to your website can be quite daunting. Here is a bit of advice about how to deal with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you want to ‘get your name out there’.


On Facebook there are so many blogging communities such as Bloggers Get Social and Bloggers Worldwide that you can join. They allow you to share your blog and discover other blogs too.

If you have the money to do so, you can also advertise with Facebook to get your name out there. You can choose the maximum amount you’re willing to spend on your ads and target them at specific people i.e. people who you think will be interested in your site. If you’re not sure how to use Facebook to grow your social media presence, social media agencies like Tekfirst in Harrogate can be approached, which serves clients all over the UK.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 19.49.37.png


There are so many blogging communties that you can join on Twitter. Most of them host chats at least once a week which allows everyone involved to share their blog link with others afterwards. I’ve found some of my favourite bloggers by looking through the threads of these chats and joining in when I can! I’ve seen so many chats for different topics: beauty, books, mental health – there’s too many to list but there’s something there for everyone.Tweet_ballonicon2.svg.png

If you don’t wait to pay for Twitter ads to boost your engagement, a lot of bloggers offer their own advertising packages. This involves them mentioning you on their Twitter profile, RTing your Tweets and even placing a link to your blog on their blog. This is a nice alternative to advertising as you’re also helping a fellow blogger earn a living, rather than your money going to Twitter.


I use my Instagram story to tell my followers when I’ve posted a new blog post. I find it so much more effective than using my Snapchat story as I have a lot more followers on Instagram. You can inform people that you have a new post up on your blog and encourage them to go and visit your website. Using an image based platform like Instagram is useful for driving traffic to your website as an image can spark interest, whereas a simple link to your site won’t.instagram-1581266_960_720.jpgAs always, thank you for reading.

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This blog post is sponsored by Tekfirst.

The Best Bits | November 2016

Hello again,

These are some of the things that I got up to in November. It was a really good month for me, it’s left me feeling very content with the direction that my life is taking and everything I’m achieving. Proud moment over, this is what I got up to…

Bonfire Night

Although we didn’t end up watching a proper fireworks display, Cem bought his own fireworks so we didn’t completely miss out.

First day as an intern

I really enjoyed my first day and first month as an intern at Brain Füd. I feel like I’m learning a lot as time goes on that’s really helping my studies. The people I work with are fun and I actually don’t even feel like I’m working.



Handing in my first uni assignment

I actually thought my first assignment was due in on the 11th of November but lack of communication and understanding meant that the deadline was changed to November 25th. Although it was annoying that I rushed to finish my assignment only to find out we didn’t have to hand it in for another two weeks, I was still relieved to get it out of the way.

Oxford Street Christmas lights

Going to watch the Oxford Street Christmas lights being turned on was just as fun and as cold as I imagined. Like I said in my blog post about it, there were live performances from The Vamps and Lousia Johnson and everyone in the street counted down from ten for them to be turned on. The atmosphere was lovely.


My birthday

To be honest I wasn’t looking forward to my birthday that much. Who wants to spend their birthday in uni on a Wednesday? This aside, I still had a lovely day. Me and Cem went to Frankie & Benny’s for dinner and played TopGolf afterwards. We drew. We literally both scored 44.


A blog post will be coming soon about exactly what we did, but me and Cem went to Paris for the weekend. My favourite parts were seeing the Eiffel Tower, Canal Saint-Martin and Le Mur des Je T’aime.


Winter Wonderland

At Winter Wonderland we played a disgusting amount of carnival games, won two teddies and went ice skating. Although it rained and I thought I was going to freeze to death, it was a lovely day. We both managed to skate without falling over once and even saw a man propose to a woman – she said yes.

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I hope your November was as good as mine, and I hope your December is even better.

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Trying Matcha Green Tea

Hello again,

Somehow I made it to November 2016 to try matcha green tea even though it’s the drink everyone’s been obsessing over for a good year or two now.

I’m not going to lie, the reason I hadn’t tried matcha for so long is because I didn’t believe that something so green could taste as nice as ordinary tea. Although matcha lattes look incredibly Instagram-able and different, they’re still green.

Pure Chimp kindly sent me a sample of their matcha green tea, which meant that I finally had to give in and try it. I put it off for a week or so but eventually I boiled the kettle and decided to get it over and done with. It sounds really over-dramatic, but I was really nervous to try this matcha tea. I’d never even tried ordinary green tea, let alone the matcha sort…


I don’t know why but before I opened the packet, I thought that the matcha was going to be in tea bags. I feel stupid now I know that it’s actually a powder. You learn something new every day. The packet suggested using half a tea spoon for cup but seeing as my Disney princess mug is huge, I used a little short of a full teaspoon. It was really easy to mix even though I don’t have one of those fancy steamers. All I did was slowly add boiling water and stir in the powder as I was doing so.


Even when I’d made the tea I was still really skeptical. It smelt like ordinary tea and it had the same consistency as normal tea. However, I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again, it was still green. Now I don’t have anything against the colour green, but it does look a little like pea soup, doesn’t it?

After being over-dramatic, I tried my matcha tea and absolutely loved it. In my opinion, it just tastes like really strong black tea, which is a real winner in my books. It’s supposedly a lot healthier than normal tea so I’m really glad that I’ve discovered matcha. Matcha lattes are next on my list now, if I love the tea I can only adore the latte.


On a more serious note, matcha is also vegan which I know is important to a lot of people. Congratulations for sustaining the vegan way of life… go and reward yourself with a hot cup of matcha.

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I’d love to know if any of you have tried matcha and what your thoughts are…

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Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies Baking Recipe

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Today I just really felt like making some cookies. I’ve only actually made my own cookies once before and they spread all over the baking tray – I basically ended up with a tray of cookie dough. It still tasted nice, but it was far from the 12 perfectly round cookies that I thought I was going to have baked.

For these cookies I found a recipe online as a guideline but changed the amount of almost every ingredient because I don’t like using sugar in baking. Although this recipe still has a lot of sugar, it has about half as much as the original recipe told me to put in.

I also discovered that if you leave the cookie dough in the fridge for a few days in a sealed container, when you take it out it’ll taste just like the cookie dough chunks that Ben & Jerry’s put in their ice cream. There’s an idea…



  • 270g self-raising flour
  • 185g soft brown sugar
  • 15g caster sugar
  • 175g unsalted butter
  • 2 small eggs
  • 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
  • 175g chocolate chips


Cream together butter, brown sugar and caster sugar

I put the oven in the microwave a little bit until it went down to room temperature so it would mix with the sugar easier than it would if it came straight out of the fridge. I used my electric mixer because I doubt a hand whisk would’ve mixed it all together well.

Add eggs and vanilla extract

Again, using the electric mixer.


Sift in flour

Because there’s such a lot of flour I added a little bit at a time so I could see if the mixture was looking too dry or too soggy. I didn’t want to put all of the flour in at once and realise that I’d put too much in and it also makes it easier to mix together when you add it in stages.

Add chocolate chips

The recipe told me to use 325g of chocolate chips so I bought three packets of them, which gave me 300g. I ended up using less than two packets because it seemed like there was way too much chocolate in the mixture. Also, the mixture already contained quite a lot of sugar by this point so I didn’t want to add too much chocolate. Surely that would’ve been sickly?


Preheat the oven

I preheated mine to 170 degrees because that was the rough number that the recipes I looked at online gave me.

Cool the dough 

I ended up leaving mine in the fridge for nearly an hour because I was waiting for my boyfriend to come so I didn’t have to leave the cookies baking in the oven by themselves. However, I’m sure about 15 minutes is fine. Also, I saw some recipes that didn’t say anything about cooling the dough, so maybe it’s fine to just put them straight in the oven…

Cook the cookies!

I ended up cooking mine for 15 minutes because when they come out of the oven, you can eat them when they’re warm or soft. Then, when they’ve cooled down, you can eat them when they’re crumbly. The first batch I put in made quite thick cookies as I rolled the dough into perfectly round balls so they only spread a little bit. With the second batch, I pressed them down so they were a little thinner. The thinner ones are definitely better if you want to dunk them in tea.


Thanks for reading!