L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask | Review

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As you may have seen from my recent January Favourites post, I’ve been using a new face mask. Over the past few weeks I’ve been reaching for the L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask instead of my usual Mask of Magnaminty from Lush – I just wanted to try something new. Out of the three masks in this range, I wanted to try the Clay one the most as I think it suites what my skin needs.

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As you can see, you’re supposed to leave the face mask on for 5-10 minutes to allow it to dry. I find that this isn’t really long enough so I tend to leave it on for 20 minutes at least. When it all dries you can barely move your face, which is probably because it gets right into your pores. It’s kind of disgusting but when it does dry, it highlights ALL of your pores. If you didn’t know you had dirty pores, this mask will definitely point them out to you.


It was actually really easy to apply actually. I have another charcoal mask that I’ve been using for a while which doesn’t apply easily at all. It’s really thick, making it difficult to spread it across my face. This one, however, spreads really easy. I also find that I don’t have to use as much of the product at one time because it covers my face quite quickly. The packaging says that the pot contains 10 applications but I’ve used mine 4 or 5 times and I’ve got loads left so I think I’ll get more out of it.



After the first time I used the mask I already noticed a difference. It reduced the size of some of the more noticeable bits of acne on my cheek. Also, the pores on my nose were so much cleaner when I washed the mask off.

I find that after using this mask, any obvious spots that I have reduce so much in size. It just seems to dry them out to the point where they’re barely there anymore. Then, by the next day, the spot disappears – a definite plus for me.

The more and more I used it, the cleaner my face looked afterwards. Now, after using it for a few weeks, I’ve noticed that I’m getting fewer blackheads and my acne scarring has massively improved too. It’s definitely worth the money.

If you wanted to try this mask, it’s still on offer at Boots for £5.99!

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Lush ‘Mask of Magnaminty’ Face Mask | Beauty Review

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been using this new minty face mask from Lush. The shop assistant in White City told me that this is their best mask for cleaning your pores and preventing breakouts. I find that if I don’t take care of my skin and keep it clean I get acne really easily, so of course I was willing to give it a go. You can use it on your body as well as your face but I feel like this small tub would run out quickly if I used it for my face AND body.


The mask reminds me of a really strong pack of chewing gum; It’s probably not for everyone though as it’s quite a strong, clean scent. I read that the peppermint ingredient actually stimulates the blood cells in your face which makes your skin look brighter, which is definitely something that my skin needs. As soon as autumn arrives and my tan fades, my skin feels really dull and dry so I’d say I’m definitely in need of some brightening up at the minute.

One of the things I love about this mask is the fact that it doesn’t dry like most face masks. Even after having it on my face for 15 minutes, the mask is still wet and sticky. Sometimes if I use face masks that dry quickly and feel tight on my face then my skin looks red and irritated afterwards. I don’t think there’s any point in investing in a product that’s just doing to dry out your face. This is by far the most gentle but still the most effective face mask I’ve ever used. I even love it more than my Lush Cup O’ Coffee mask, which I didn’t think would ever happen.


At the minute I don’t actually have any spots, but I do have a little bit of scarring on one of my cheeks from having them previously. I’ve found that since I’ve been using this face mask, the redness on my cheeks is slowly disappearing. Another thing that I love about it is I only have to use it once or twice a week for it to make a difference to my skin. I usually apply it after I’ve been to the gym because my skin’s always a sweaty mess. Sometimes, just washing your face isn’t enough.

I’ll definitely buy this again once I’ve finished it, especially seeing as it was only a little over £6. Compared to other face masks I’ve tried and heart about, it definitely seems like the best value for money.

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